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Writing Business Proposals That Are Undisputed Money Making Winners

Are you writing business proposals that are undisputed winners? If not, you can easily learn a proven value-focused approach that really works for government, business, grants, loans, franchises or private contracts.

Writing proposals is a key component of any meaningful business endeavor. Every business owner needs great proposal writing skills.

If you don't have the skills, you can easily acquire them. Anyone in business can... and must.

Let's look at it from another perspective... If you're not writing business proposals the right way, you're leaving a LOT of money on the table.

Several business owners gathered together to learn about writing proposals.
We can all easily learn to write winning proposals.

I've been writing – and evaluating – proposals for decades. From this unique experience and from information I got through a U.S. Department of Energy technology transfer program, I put together a complete suite of tools and services called Write Winning Proposals.

My toolkit will quickly guide you in writing a better proposal, a winning one in fact. And of course, it also includes tips for writing grant proposals to help you get free government grant money for your business.

Affordable Easy To Use Toolkit

With the Write Winning Proposals toolkit, you'll discover an affordable set of tools and services that reveal expert, almost-secret, techniques for writing business proposals that are successful.

Click on this image of the Write Winning Proposals toolkit for more information about writing business proposals that are undisputed winners.

Here's an overview of what you'll learn:

The Write Winning Proposals toolkit elaborates on materials coming from an official technology transfer program of the U.S. Department of Energy. It's rock-solid from beginning to end.

Emulate The Success Of Others

The beauty of this toolkit is that it focuses entirely on the proven methods experts have used for years. There's no fluff, only a hard-nosed, tough-minded strategy that you know will work for you.

What could make more sense than to apply the winning formula used successfully by others? If you do what they did right, you'll be writing business proposals that are winners too.

One woman whispering a proposal writing secret into the ear of another.
Expert proposal writing methods aren't that secret. They're just so little used that they seem secret!

Although the winning techniques are little-known (or at least, little used), they're not secret and they're definitely not new.

They're the very same ones that have been used over and over again by countless commercial and non-profit organizations of all sizes to win government grants, contracts and subsidies.

Because the method builds on materials from an official U.S. government technology transfer program, the quality is assured and the performance is proven. You can use the toolkit with complete confidence.

This Method Really Works

The technique you'll learn really works if you apply it diligently. Why?

It forces you to learn by doing and you follow the successful examples of others in writing business proposals that are winners each and every time.

Confucius said...

Even learning by doing, you still have to work at it to be good at writing winning business proposals. But get this. The cost of the toolkit will be many times less than the cost of the effort you yourself will have to put into writing a winning proposal or grant application.

If you're persistent and make good use of all the resources, just think of the leverage when your LITTLE investment helps you win a BIG grant or contract! Learn more.

Anyone Anywhere Can Benefit

Although the toolkit was originally intended to help those applying for grants, exactly the same techniques are successful for virtually any type of proposal! Examples are:

The reason for this is that the training teaches you how to respond precisely to the requirements of the recipient of your proposal. What could be better than giving them exactly what they want?

Get the complete inside story about the Write Winning Proposals Toolkit. Discover how you can get the expert tools and services you need to write a winner each and every time!

As always, if you have any questions at all about what you see on these pages, feel free to contact me. There's no charge ever for friendly chit-chat!