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How To Build eBiz Web Sites For Winning Web Business Development

A solid foundation site is essential to Web business development. A cookie-cutter approach does not work. The Web site supporting your Internet business needs to look and be unique.

This page describes the custom web business development services I offer and/or recommend to build a solid foundation site. It's the first of the five pillars of my total package of professional services.

  1. How To Build eBiz Web Sites (Web Work)
  2. How To Set Smart eBiz Goals (Goal Setting)
  3. How To Write For eBiz Results (Biz Writing)
  4. How To Manage eBiz Cashflow (Cash Flow)
  5. How To Learn More About eBiz (Training)

Because you're on this page, I know you're looking for a Web design that gets results you can take to the bank. And I know you need more than just talk; you need tangible proof.

Your Web business must have a solid base. An essential part of that solid base is a Web site built and operated following the proven performance principles documented in verifiable case studies.

From the very start of the World Wide Web in 1992, there's only one proven way that Web businesses have made money consistently and will continue to do so indefinitely.

Custom Website Development

That proven way involves monetizing traffic through Web pages that have the specific content visitors are looking for. After all, what could work better than giving buyers what they want?

An indispensable part of the PROVEN METHOD is a special toolkit, one that has ALL the tools and services you need you to build pages that:

You can build your own toolkit from bits and pieces or you can let me show you how to get one already stocked with everything – and I do mean everything – you need to succeed online. Learn more here:

A final tip... Although I highly recommend the SBI! suite of tools and services, some businesses require traditional site hosting. This is the one I suggest for best value:

If you need higher end hosting services, please contact me for another recommended service with which I have extensive hands-on experience.

What Will It All Cost?

You need to know what it will cost. At the same time you need to see the cost as an investment in your business. You have to analyze the risks and rewards. It's not easy without prior experience.

Here are some numbers you can use for budget purposes:

Get a lot more detail in the Website Design Costs section of the site. You're ready to start, but need a helping hand? Read on!

Take Effective Action Now

No matter what your business or where you are in the world, I can help you with my Web business development services whether you want to build your business yourself or you'd like to have it done for you.

Here are your options:

  1. DIY (Do It Yourself). If you're going to build your Web business yourself, go to Site Build It! and sign up for the service.
  2. DIFM (Do It For Me). If you want your Internet business built for you professionally, I'll get it done for you through SiteSell Services.
  3. Contact Me. If you're not sure of what your next step should be, contact me.

If my custom website development services interest you, just give me a call at 450-534-4253. We'll get to know one another, work out any details and if appropriate I'll prepare a written offer.