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Internet Business Solutions: Portfolio Of Client And Internal Web Projects

Looking for Internet business solutions expertise? Then get inspired here by over 100 actual small business Web sites. They include REAL projects that use a method PROVEN to produce results.

Of course today, we build websites that are both mobile responsive and accessible, all in the most practical and pragmatic way thanks to Google and some evergreen accessibility tricks.

A well-known acronym for the proven methodology is C-T-P-M. This stands for Content-Traffic-Presell-Monetization, an expression coined years ago by SiteSell.com.

A more generic way of describing the methodology is to say that successful Internet business building consists of four basic steps:

  1. Researching (doing keyword market research)
  2. Planning (developing site table of contents)
  3. Building (creating content/sales pages)
  4. Promoting (creating traffic/sales by push-pull )

That proven methodology is the key component of a variety of value-oriented services that my clients have used to help develop and/or improve the cash flow of their online operations.

Internet Business Experience

Portfolio of Internet business Web site designer experience.

My portfolio of experience in Web business building categorizes as follows:

  1. Client Projects – website work done on a contractual basis directly for clients
  2. Internal Projects – website work done to test various hypotheses before recommending them to clients.

Projects listed go back to 1996. Some are still operating. Some are not. If you notice any broken links, please contact me.

1. Client Projects

Please click here for 101 examples of client projects I've done using a variety of hosting services since 1996. Click here for testimonials from clients with whom I have worked hand in hand to build their web business.

Many clients have used the proven C-T-P-M methodology powered by SiteSell's SBI!. Please visit the SiteSell Services page for a sampling of such client projects.

Please don't hesitate to contact me for details on each application.

2. Internal Projects

Please click here for a list of internal projects I've done for my own use using various hosting services since 1996.

Following are some examples of websites built using the C-T-P-M method powered by the SBI! platform. I continue to operate them as income-generating Web properties.

Please don't hesitate to contact me for details on each application.

Pre-Internet Experience

The (pre-Internet) engineering mandates carried out for the major business clients listed below provided the foundation for the value-oriented services I now provide to Internet business clients.

Please note that since 1996 I no longer offer engineering consulting services. Don't hesitate to contact me though if you need some help with online business issues!