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Full Disclosure Advertising Policy

The advertising policy of coggan.com is full disclosure. The policy clearly explains how the site works with advertisers. There are no hidden agendas, since there's nothing to hide.

This site accepts advertising and other forms of compensation. Such compensation does not influence information provided. You can rest assured that you will always get honest findings and opinions.

Listings in the "Ads by Google" sections are automatically provided by Google.com, which sponsors ads on the site. (They are few and far between, practically non-existent, in any case.)

Because the Google ads relate directly to the page content, they're actually helpful to visitors with the added options they provide. By way of example, following is one type of Google AdSense ad:

The above ad may not be entirely representative of the content of this page, which speaks of both disclosure and Internet business things. The ad content may also be affected by the overall site theme.

Other Allowed Advertisers

Other advertisers that provide compensation to coggan.com in various forms include the following:

If you have any questions, or even recommendations of products that should appear on the site, please contact me and let me know.