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About Me And My Small Business Consulting Services For eBiz Owners

Looking for small business consulting services? As a successful entrepreneur myself and a risk-averse registered professional engineer, I'm only interested in what's proven to work.

If you have an online business – or you're wanting one – you can profit the most. Why? Well, it's not because of me! It's because of the proven methods I recommend.

So are you (or wanting to be) a small online business owner? Then be sure to do only what's proven to work, documented by case studies of real people just like you.

A Welcoming Word Or Two

Don Coggan on Mastering Internet Business Cash Flow

Hello and welcome to my site offering value-oriented services to small businesses.

If ever I say "our" it means myself and the good people I partner with on a contractual basis to service clients. Working alone or with like-minded colleagues, my main interest is in results.

My resume shows these highlights:

  1. I've held top posts in major engineering corporations.
  2. From 1981-1996 I operated my own consulting engineering firm.
  3. Since 1996, I've worked as an independent consultant helping small businesses (1-100 employees) make money on the Internet.

In the early years, I presented peer-reviewed papers on engineering topics. Since 1996, I've been invited to speak about doing business on the Internet at several gatherings of online entrepreneurs.

On the Portfolio pages of this site, you can see some of the Web work I've done. There's quite a cross-section of designs, products and services.

Important. If I help you with YOUR Web business, that does NOT necessarily mean that YOU will be a success. Only YOU can make that happen.

The Value Engineering Connection

From the day I graduated from McGill University, my focus has been on value engineering (VE), in other words, working in a way that maximizes value to the owner.

This little video, inspired by a project completed years ago, explains the value engineering concept in layman's terms. It also reveals how a VE approach can improve the outcome of any project -- engineering or otherwise.

I love to show how recognized value engineering principles can be applied to increase online business and improve cash flow. It's not about complicating something simple. It's about working smarter and being rigorous in our methods.

On A Personal Note...

I live in Bromont Quebec with my wife Huguette. We moved here in 2005. Prior to that we lived in Outremont (Montreal) and before 1989 in Beaconsfield, Quebec. They're all great places!

We have three adult children, Rebecca, Christopher and Melanie and two grandchildren, Jack and Lucie. We've had dogs and cats, but they've all moved on!

Here's a couple of pics taken about the time we first moved to Bromont. More recent ones are slated for another site.

Image of the Coggan home in Bromont, Quebec.
This is a view facing west toward Montreal 90 km away.
Image of the Coggan home in Bromont, Quebec.
This is a view of my office away from the rest of the house.

We're on the south-west side of beautiful Mont Gale in a small development called "Les Verrières" (a name I don't yet have a good English version of). Montreal is about 90 km west and Sherbrooke the same distance east.