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Exactly How Do You Create A Genuine Money-Making Internet Business?

This site reveals how to create an authentic money-making online business. It's where you learn the basic steps and discover the best tools and services to take you from nothing to something in the shortest possible time.

Donald CogganHello! Don Coggan here with a big warm welcome to my site! In 1981, I started providing results-oriented engineering services throughout the US, Canada and internationally to private and public sectors clients.

Since 1996, I've been on the Web, helping aspiring online business owners create genuine, money-making Internet businesses, by sticking to the following five basics...

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In a nutshell, what this meant then and still means today is that I build websites, but with a difference... I go beyond simply putting together a site. Anyone can do that.

Instead, I work closely with the owner to integrate the site into his/her business. As a bonus, I include business advice based on my experience as an entrepreneur since 1981 and in particular, working the Net since 1996. Not everyone can or will do that. ☺

How To Know If This Site Is For You

In answer to the question, "What exactly is it that you do, Don?" I reply that I supply services to build online businesses, and I work with two types of client on a fixed price and/or hourly basis:

CLIENT TYPE #1 – Companies With Up To 50 Employees

I help this type of client to develop and carry out web business strategies. Services include strategic consulting with management and copywriting in all areas of web business. The typical client is an established supplier of products and/or services wanting to increase sales to English and/or French markets via the Internet. If this describes you, click here.
CLIENT TYPE #2 – Individuals, Folks Just Like You And Me

I help this type of client to develop and implement a home-based online business. Services include whatever is needed, from coaching to building an actual eBiz website. The typical client is an individual with a burning desire to have a business selling products and/or services online in English and/or French. If this describes you, click here.

In addition to working with clients, I also build and operate my own small niche businesses, such as Ability-Mission.org.

What You Need For A Great Online Business

Having a successful online business goes beyond simply building a Web site. A site alone isn't enough if you're really serious about success. Here are the five main ways that my services can help you be successful on the web:

1. How To Build eBiz Web Sites (Web Work)

Your Web business must have a solid base. An essential part of that solid base is a Web site built and operated following the proven performance principles documented in verifiable case studies.

From the very start of the World Wide Web in 1992, there's only one proven way that Web businesses have made money consistently and will continue to do so indefinitely.

That proven way involves monetizing traffic through Web pages that have the specific content visitors are looking for. After all, what could work better than giving buyers what they want?

Learn more about web business development that uses a proven methodology...

Icon depicting Web Work Web Business Development – Here you'll learn about the Web Business Development services that I offer and/or recommend.

Let's move on now to another really important aspect of succeeding with an online business.

2. How To Set Smart eBiz Goals (Goal Setting)

Setting sales goals is a time-honored proven practice in business. But it's almost always overlooked in online business!

Because of all the Get-Rich-Quick hype, people think they can simply put up a web site and then watch so much money roll in that there's no need at all to count it, much less set goals!

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Building an online business involves all the principles of building any business. There are some technical differences for sure. And there's less risk in building an online business than an offline one.

One fact remains though. If you don't set sales goals, you'll be floating around like a cork in the middle of the ocean.

Learn more about setting sales goals for your Internet business and believing in them...

Icon depicting Goal Setting Sales Goal Setting – Here you'll learn about the Sales Goal Setting services that I offer and/or recommend.

Sales goals are important. So is everything you write.

3. How To Write For eBiz Results (Biz Writing)

Whether it's web page content, sales letters, e-mails or proposals, your writing has to be spot-on to get better results.

In describing my web business development services, I can say with no hesitation whatsoever that the web is truly a place where "the pen is mightier than the sword."

It's so logical! Your online business gets prospects from the Search Engines because of the words you write. When they land on your pages, they buy because of the words you write.

And it happens if you write right!

Learn more about writing web content, sales letters, e-mails and proposals...

Icon depicting Biz Writing Good Business Writing – Here you'll learn about the Good Business Writing services I offer and/or recommend.

Okay. It's important to write right. It's something you can do yourself or outsource. Let's look at cash flow management now, something that you as a business owner have to watch over like a hawk.

4. How To Manage eBiz Cashflow (Cash Flow)

Managing cash flow is like setting sales goals – very often overlooked, almost never done. That's a shame because it's so easy to do.

Most people see building a web business as building a web site. Like the Field of Dreams... build it and they will come. So much money will roll in, there's no need to manage it or even count it. Just spend it!

My unique approach to cash flow management is to think of it as a game – the cash flow game, a game you must know how to play and win.

Learn more about cash flow and how the term "cash flow game" has two significant meanings...

Icon depicting Cash Flow Cash Flow Management – Here you'll learn about the Cash Flow Management services I offer and/or recommend.

Managing cash flow wisely is critical. If you feel that you don't know enough about it or any other aspect of running a successful online business, expert training is available.

5. How To Learn More About eBiz (Training)

No matter how smart or hard-working you are, there's always a course you can take to improve yourself. It's a never-ending thing.

Online business classes abound on the Web. But there are few places where you can get real e-business credentials that lead to success.

Learn more about Internet business courses that support the proven successful process...

Icon depicting Training Online Business Classes – Here you'll learn about the Online Business Classes I offer and/or recommend.

The training I recommend is only what I'm personally familiar with. I know it's based on proven performance and delivered by real online entrepreneurs with actual "been there, done that" experience.

Click here to learn how to jump-start your online business.